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US Entry Waivers

  • A U.S. entry waiver is official documentation that allows an individual with a criminal record to legally enter the United States

US Entry Waiver Requirements

  • Travelling to the US is permitted at the discretion of the Border Patrol officer.
  • Under the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), a US entry waiver is required for Canadians and non-immigrants* who:
    • Have a criminal record of multiple convictions
    • Have a criminal record for crimes of moral turpitude
    • Have been previously removed / deported
    • Have overstayed a previous period of admission to the US
    • Are in possession of or are trafficking in a controlled substance

*non-immigrants are individuals who are not US citizens and do not wish to enter the US to live on a permanent basis

US Entry Waiver Canada

  • Many Canadians are not aware that they may need a waiver to enter the United States
  • Approximately 4 million Canadians have a criminal record. Of these, only a very small number will be allowed to travel into the US without a waiver
  • If you are a Canadian or non-immigrant travelling to the US, you can apply for a US entry waiver.
  • A Canadian pardon / record suspension is not recognized by the United States, meaning that a waiver is required even if a pardon / record suspension has been granted.
  • With border security being stricter than ever before, the US and Canada have entered into an information-sharing agreement for the purpose of border control and national security. For this reason, most Canadians who have a criminal record will require a US entry waiver.

US Entry Waiver Application

  • A US entry waiver application must follow strict, detailed instructions
  • Missing or incorrect documentation will result in a us entry waiver application being refused, delayed, or rejected

US Entry Waiver Process

  • All US entry waiver applications are adjudicated by the Admissibility Review Office (ARO), a division of CPB. The ARO was created by the Department of Homeland Security, to ensure that all US entry waiver applications are reviewed fairly and consistently.
  • The ARO has sole discretion to grant or deny US entry waiver applications; however, it must follow legal guidelines and regulations under the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).
  • BIA guidelines state that 3 factors determine whether a US entry waiver should be granted under the INA:
    • The risk of harm to society if the US entry waiver applicant is admitted into the US;
    • The severity of the applicant's prior immigration law or criminal law violations, if any;
    • The nature of the applicant's reason(s) for wishing to enter the United States.

US Entry Waiver Cost

  • A US entry waiver filing fee applies for every US entry waiver application
  • The application filing fee is currently $585 USD, paid to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • For detailed pricing information, please visit our Waiver Fees page.

US Entry Waiver Form

  • US entry waiver forms are issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • The form must be completed, signed, and submitted along with required supporting documentation prior to travel
  • There is only one US entry waiver form for any and all grounds of inadmissibility; however, there are two US entry waiver application processes depending on whether it is filed at a US Consulate, or a US Port of Entry
  • The US entry waiver form is legally titled Form I-192, Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Non-Immigrant.

US Entry Waiver Renewal

  • US entry waivers are valid for a specific length of time, from 1 - 5 years, determined when you receive your waiver
  • It is recommended that the renewal process begins prior to the waiver's expiration date, to ensure there is no lapse in admissibility

US Entry Waiver Approval

  • There are many steps to obtaining a US entry waiver, and simple mistakes are common when someone is unfamiliar with the application process.
  • To maximize the chances of having your US entry waiver application approved, we recommend hiring American Waivers to assist you through the process

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With information sourced from the United States Department of Homeland Security.


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